People of integrity.

It's hard to find good companies that are trustworthy as well as follow through with the work they're hired to do.

Duncan's Janitorial Services are people of integrity and follow through with the jobs they were hired to do.

While I was volunteering at a local church/food pantry, Duncan's Janitorial volunteered their skill set and services to help the church by stripping and refinishing the old floors.

The owner was friendly and courteous as well as focused and professional in doing the best job possible for the community outreach.

He volunteered much of his own time, and others from the business also came and volunteered their services to help the church and food pantry also.

It was a wonderful example of people and businesses giving back to the community as well as much needed help and cutting expenses.

The funds saved by this generosity, most likely helped the outreach in other ways such as purchasing food for the hungry, or blankets for the seniors, handicapped and shut ins.

As I worked around the building, I was reminded that there are good people out there quietly helping others behind the scenes that nobody ever hears about or notices; Duncan's Janitorial is one such company.

Duncan's Janitorial is definitely a company that made a difference in the community just by helping with their skill set.

RitaAnn E.

Top notch cleaning service from residential, to auto, to commercial family and I have used David C. Duncan for all 3!
We have 4 kiddos and 3 are ages 4 and under. You can imagine what our off white carpets look like �. David personally came over with what he called "the special ingredient" and got our carpets looking like brand new again! He's also done a phenomenal job at the Comfort downtown and the inside of our car almost looked like it was fully detailed when he got done with it. I'd recommend Duncan's to anyone and everyone needing any type of cleaning!

Jeremy T.

Wildly impressed with this company. They just keep pleasing more and more as I continue my services with them. The owners of the company are superb! The lead technician Jay is highly recommended by us. Very professional yet a very likable person and Lori in the office is just the best and customers come first.
This company goes above and beyond. They had recently upgraded their wands and it has more then a powerful pull that it pulled up a stain that was from before we bought out home. A stain hidden under the carpet mat. It surfaced to the top and this company has been out three times to make sure that the stains have all diminished. I was very satisfied with the second clean to erase what crept up after they left, but they talked me into coming back out on their expense to hit the spot one more time and I am beyond satisfied and happy. This family owned business deserves any and all of your carpet cleaning services you have and really care for their customers. Please share!

Holly W.

One happy happy customer! They did an awesome job on my carpets!!! I recommend them highly!!!!

Gina G.